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About LCT

Somerset County’s Local Care Team raises awareness in the community through advocacy and marketing, as well as training and technical assistance to local agency and community partners.

We collaborate with the Somerset County Behavioral Health Authority, the Somerset County Local Management Board, provider networks, family advocacy groups, and other LCTs in the surrounding jurisdictions to enhance the collective mission to promote safe, healthy, and stable environments that support our youth staying local to their communities origin.

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History of the LCT

House Bill 840

July 1, 2011

This new legislation supports the implementation of Maryland’s shift to a service delivery process that is more family driven, facilitates the provision of community-based services for children with intensive needs by allowing families to self-refer for services without a lead agency, and provides for child-and-family teams selected by the families to develop plans of care for community-based services rather than the currently-required local interagency bodies that often lack first-hand familiarity with the families’ needs.

Current Maryland Annotated Code
Human Services Article, Title 8, Subtitle 4

There is a Local Care Team in each Maryland jurisdiction that coordinates services for children in need of residential placement and children with intensive needs. LCTs also provide interagency plans of care for youth diverted from residential placement.

How We Can Help You Help Your Child

If you have a child with an intensive behavioral/mental health need and/or IEP who you think could use additional support to be successful, you are in a perfect position to refer to the Local Care Team (LCT).

  1. You will talk to the parent or guardian about this resource explaining this is a voluntary opportunity to connect with other resources.
  2. You will complete a referral packet and submit it to the LCT Coordinator.
  3. You or a designee from your agency will present the case to the LCT while the parent or guardian is present to share their perspective.
  4. The team will brainstorm with the parent or guardian to create a Plan of Care for the child. Typically, you and your agency will take the lead and follow up with the family to make sure that the child and family connect with the resources discussed.
  • A date for your meeting within 2-3 days of the LCT Coordinator’s receipt of your referral
  • A scheduled appointment time and link approximately five days prior to the meeting date
  • A second meeting invitation via email and text 24 hours before the meeting; you will be asked to confirm your attendance at this time
  • You may join the virtual meeting using Zoom on your laptop, tablet, Android, or iPhone. For the best meeting experience, please download Zoom onto your device before you try to join the meeting at the scheduled meeting time.
  • You may also join an audio-only version of the meeting on your phone by dialing one of the phone numbers listed in your invitation.
  • Your child does not need to participate with you.
  • You are welcome to invite whomever you feel would be helpful to have participate. You can share the virtual meeting link and/or phone numbers provided.
  • Your appointment time is approximate. Please. be patient. We try to stay on time. However, you may need to wait in the virtual waiting room if we are running behind.
  • The Local Care Team is made up of representatives of each agency in our county that work with children. It can seem like a lot of people. Just remember, we are all here to help do what is best for your child, you, and your family.
  • We are all a part of your child’s team and we will work together to suggest solutions to support them.
  • Everyone will introduce themselves.
  • We will ask you and the individual representing the organization that referred you to tell us about what has brought you to the LCT.
  • The LCT members will share various suggestions about resources and referrals that can be made. Remember, everyone in the meeting is there to help.
  • The LCT Coordinator will keep notes that will be provided to you via email or through your lead worker within two days after the meeting.
  • You should receive a follow-up from your lead agency or your case manager to assist you in making sure that all the recommendations provided to you are offered and put in place should you want to pursue the service(s).

Referral Process

Interest in Service Eligibility?

Agency Referral

If an LCT member agency determines that a child with special needs may require technical assistance or brainstorming, that agency should promptly refer the child’s case to the LCT for discussion and coordination of interagency services.

Any time a lead agency believes that a child may require the services of an out-of-state program, that agency shall immediately refer the child to the State Coordinating Council (SCC). See Cabinet #3 Directives.

Family Referral

If a family and/or youth are in need of technical assistance or brainstorming but have no involvement with any of the LCT member agencies, then that family and/or youth can self-refer to the LCT through assistance from the Local Care Team Coordinator. They can call, email in some basic info, or complete the Self-Referral Form provided on this page.

After submitting your Referral Form, please email the completed Release of Info Form and Confidentiality Form to the LCT Coordinator below:

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