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About Us

The Somerset County Local Management Board (SCLMB) was established in January 1997 in response to the State’s desire to transform Maryland’s human service delivery system for children and families.

Based on the premise that local stakeholders are in the best position to understand their community’s needs, the LMB’s were given authority to plan, implement, and monitor a system of care to children and families in their communities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote a safe, healthy and stable environment for all Somerset County children and families by facilitating comprehensive systems of education, health and human services through public and private interagency collaboration.

Our Vision

We envision an equitable Somerset County where everyone works together to ensure all families are healthy, safe and supported.

Our Values


– working in a supportive manner with others to reach shared results.


– promoting fair, just inclusion so that everyone can prosper, grow, and reach their full potential.


– evolving to best serve the community.


– owning and being responsible for work while focusing on results.


– working in a flexible, effective way to meet the needs of community.


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family-focused, community-based services for children and youth that are culturally relevant.

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on prevention and early intervention services for the needs and well-being of our children, youth, and families through a Needs Assessment and Strategic Plan.

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as the catalyst for interagency collaboration and cooperation.

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data and resources available to support children and families in their communities.

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coordinate, and evaluate programs and services that benefit children, youth, and families so as to improve child and family outcomes.

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and develop communication linkage between and among agencies, organizations, and both public and private citizens that serve children, youth, and families through partnership building.

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community grants and initiatives to eliminate fragmented and duplicated services.

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a “point of entry” service to the general public on the availability and status of services for children, youth, and families in Somerset County.

Community Needs

Every three years, the SCLMB conducts a Community Needs Assessment focusing on the eight areas of child and family well-being.

8 Areas of Assessment

The SCLMB also focuses on individual children who are at risk for failure in school and in the community.

Because no one agency can meet the needs of every child and family, SCLMB also facilitates the collaboration of these families and the agencies who serve them. Together families, local social service agencies, health departments, schools, churches, and non-profits work together to determine the issues that hinder a child from succeeding and developing a system of care to support that child and his or her family.

Please note, the Somerset County Local Management Board is not a provider of services.