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Who We Are

We are a division of the Somerset County Local Management Board, funded by the Maryland Governor’s Office of Crime Prevention, Youth, and Victim Services, set out to help reduce out-of-home placements by connecting families to resources in the county.

We assist youth who have intensive needs or are at risk for out-of-home placements in order to connect them with services, resources, advocates, and navigators. We can explore any need for diagnostic evaluation, residential treatment, or voluntary placement.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote a safe, healthy, and stable environment for all Somerset County children and families by building a comprehensive system of education, health, and human services through public and private interagency collaboration.

Our Vision

Our vision is to reduce the number of youths being placed outside the home as well as reduce the number of out-of-state referrals by providing families with access to local resources.

What is the role of a local care team?

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Provide a forum for children and families with intensive behavioral health needs

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Provide interagency problem solving to identify individual needs and potential resources

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Refer children and families to care management entities and/or available local and community resources

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Identify and share resource development needs

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Discuss a request for a Voluntary Placement Agreement (VPA)

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Make placement decisions

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Make treatment decisions

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Make placement referrals

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Approve out-of-state placements

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Make VPA decisions

Adolescent Resources, Services, & Education

Somerset County Health Department’s Preventive Health Services division provides a variety of programs and resources for youth relating to tobacco and vaping, chronic disease, alcohol, opioids and other drugs, sexual risk avoidance and much more. 

Contact Us

Somerset County Local
Management Board

7920 Crisfield Highway
Westover, MD 21817

Ashley Collins, M.S.W
LCT Coordinator

Vernon Spriggs
LMB Executive Director


Referrals can be made by a youth’s guardian, any education system, or Human Resources agency.

Local Partners

Somerset County Department of Juvenile Services

Local Members

Parents & Advocates

Rehabilitative Services Representatives

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