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LGBTQ Suicide Prevention Conference

Stronger Communities: LGBTQ Suicide Prevention is a full-day conference sponsored by the Maryland and Delaware Chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

The goal is to raise awareness about LGBTQ suicide risk, bring research findings to the attention of professionals and the public, and explore strategies for LGBTQ suicide prevention in local communities.
The agenda includes plenary and breakout sessions that feature national and local experts on LGBTQ mental health and suicide risk and will be focused on making mental health, suicide prevention, and education an LGBTQ community priority.

SCLMB’s Local Care Team attended the event.

Speakers, Discussion Topics, & Resources

Stephen T. Russell, Ph. D

Understanding and Preventing Suicide in LGBT+ Communities

Jeremy T. Goldbach, Ph. D, LMSW

Let’s Talk About Sex (because the silence is killing us)

Keygan Miller, M. Ed., Public Training Manager, The Trevor Project

Supporting LGBTQ Youth Mental Health with The Trevor Project

Rev. Charles Lane Cowen

Queer Theology & Suicide Prevention in the LGBTQ+ Community

Gregory A. Brightbill, EdD, MBA, MEd

Gender and Sexual Identity Development & Adolescence

Maggie "Pebble" McCleary, LCPC

LGBTQ+ Suicide Through A Lens of Systemic Trauma

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Programs and Resources for LGBTQ+ Communities & Allies

Hispanic & Latinx Communities Mental Health Resources

Speaking Out About Suicide

LGBTQ Suicide Prevention Resources

MAP | Movement Advancement Project

Talking About Suicide & LGBT Populations

To view photos from the event and learn more, visit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Maryland Chapter’s Facebook page.