Safeguarding Children of Arrested Parents

Program Summary

The Safeguarding Children of Arrested parents program is designed for children who have parents that are incarcerated and works to address the needs of those children, parents, and caregivers.   The program takes place at the Somerset County Detention Center and Eastern Correctional Institution.  Family mediation services and re-entry coordination are provided to incarcerated parents and resource connections are built for children and their caregivers.  Training and resources is also provided to law enforcement to mitigate trauma to children present during their parents’ arrest, as well as follow up services on cases involving children of an incarcerated parent.  The goal of this program is to assist inmates in successful reintegration back into their communites and with their families.  Also this support process will result in a reduction in recidivism and fewer families being effected by incarceration.

Safeguarding Children of Arrested Parents will be rated by the following performance measures:

·       Number of inmates participating in reentry case management

·       Number of inmates participating in family mediation sessions

·       Number and/or percentage of participants reporting they understand the trainer’s directions

·       Number and/or percentage of participants who are satisfied with mediation outcomes

·       Number and/or percentage of re-entering inmates obtaining employment or enrolling in career training within 6 months of release.

·       Number and/or percentage of incarcerated parents reporting an improved relationship with their children/families following mediation.