Children's Safe Initiative

Program Summary

The Children’s Safe Initiative is a comprehensive crime reduction, substance abuse and anti bullying education, intervention and community outreach program designed to enhance the safety of children in the Town of Princess Anne.

The Children’s Safe Initiative provides:

·       Community Policing by Increasing law enforcement presence and enforcement at the elementary schools and other facilities frequented by young children

·       Teaching of substance abuse education programs (D.A.R.E., Keepin’ It REAL, etc)

·       Outreach activities that facilitate positive youth interaction with law enforcement.

The Children’s Safe Initiative uses evidence based community policy strategies combined with substance use early interventions and education to respond to this critical problem.

The Children’s Safe Initiative is rated by the following performance measures:

·       Number of D.A.R.E. participants

·       Number and/or percentage of contacts with students who are non-enforcement based.

·       Number and/or percentage of students who graduate from the D.A.R.E. program

·       Number of officer hours dedicated to education and intervention programming.

·       Number and/or percentage of law enforcement officers participating in the program who are trained in positive youth development.

·       Number and/or percentage reduction in juvenile crime in the targeted enforcement area.