Active Parenting

Program Summary

The Active Parenting program offers free,.regular parenting classes in both a community and detention center based setting.  The program is taught in Princess Anne, as well as the Somerset County Detention Center and at Eastern Correctional Institute to provide family change.

The target population for this program is

·       Families in the greater Princess Anne area who are in need of parenting support and have been referred by either the court system or social services.

·       Familes with emotionally disturbed, behaviorally disordered, victimized, and/or resistant youth.

·       Parents between the ages of 16-24 who are not in school and not working.

·       Incarcerated parents with preference given to Somerset County residents.

The Active Parenting Program provides transportation vouchers, childcare, and a meal during each session.  While the detention based part of the program provides similar parenting curriculum in the jail and prison in order to build inmates parenting skills and strengthen the relationship with their children.

The Active Parenting Program is rated by the following measures:

·       Number of participants in community based/detention based program

·       Number and/or percentage of participants who reported that the instructor explained program materials clearly

·       Number and/or percentage of participants who felt valued by the instructor

·       Number and/or percentage of participants reporting that they were able to practice parenting skills during the program

·       Number and/or percentage of parents reporting an improved relationship with their children after completing the program.

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